If you are deciding to launch a website or even better your own, then you really need to check out Google analytics. This is an analytics program that has been developed by Google to assist web site developers and owners to monitor the success of their websites by numerous ways present in the program. Of course it’s Google, so you can be rest assured that what you get is the best in the world right now. Actually, their latest feature is Call Tracking analytics  and even the angels know that is the thing right now.

The software has so many features that are a websites best dream:

  1. Multiple data presentation

With this, you are able to dictate the type of data analysis you want to view once you log on. You however, set up the dashboard you require to see first. The amazing part is that it enables you to view the specified data types all at once so you can monitor the progress of your website.

  1. Traffic updates

The feature enables you to find out the major search engines are bringing in people mostly to your site. This will enable you to know how best to tailor your website to suit your most frequent visitors.

  1. Location information

With this program, you can know the origin of the most frequent visitors to your website. With this, you most definitely know your most likely target market.

  1. Popular ad words

One of the best marketing strategies for your website is to ensure you use the most catchy ad words that will attract visitors into your website. The Google analytics program lets you know the most attractive words to use as it gives you a detailed review of the most searched words about your site.

  1. Content view reports

With various parts on your site, it’s good to get to know which of your sections is most visited and the time viewed. With Google analytics, you are able to do just that and even get all this and more.

  1. Mobile site development

To optimize the quality of your service, you need to know the specific types of gadgets that your visitors are using to get into your website. This program will enable you to know the nature of your visitors. Nowadays, people are able to do more things with their phones than they do with computers. And with this feature you can definitely know how best to reach your mobile phone customer. This does not necessarily mean that it’s going to be just phones, but also all kinds of gadgets. With this unlimited access to visitors and clients, there is no way you are missing out on any opportunity to make your site perform better.