What is the business intelligence template

The business intelligence template is a type of Message Metric call tracking software that allows a user to retrieve information from either the SQL server or from Microsoft Access. After retrieving this data, it proceeds to display it on the Message Metric call tracking dashboard in a form that is rather meaningful and can easily be understood.

  1. Where was the business intelligence template created

The business intelligence template comes as an add-on product. The software was built as a v7.0 project of the InduSoft Web Studio. The licensing of this particular project was however separate from that of IWS. When using this project, a user can have it either as a tool that stands alone or can as well merge it with another project.

  1. Benefits of the business intelligence template

The software comes with a vast number of benefits to the user. The software is generally very essential in improving the process of retrieving important data and information. This will have a very positive impact on the organization or the company.

If you are looking for a tool that will help you maximize on your profits, then the business intelligence template is the perfect option. Being an affordable solution, the project will boost the profits that you earn from your company as it has a high ROI, also known as the return on investment.

  1. What you can do with the project

The project makes it easy for a user to draw information directly from remote databases. The information that are acquired this way may be very crucial to the success of the business.

The business intelligence template is relatively easy to use. There are therefore no special skills or knowledge that is needed to operate the software. It makes it easy to put the software to use as you will not be forced to undergo training or hire an IT expert to handle the project.

Another advantage of this software is the fact that you can secure the information that is derived from it. it comes along with a built in security which makes it possible for one to limit those who access the information through the creation of secure links.

You may also be able to locally visualize the dashboards. You may also be able to visualize them on Thin Clients which are run on different tablets, PCs or even smartphones. You can also be able to save the dashboards into report that are in PDF format. You may also be able to send the data through to the printer directly without having to use extra tools or applications.

With the business intelligence template, one can always be sure that the handling of information will be made a very easy experience.